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October 2005
Volume 1, Issue 1

Cover Story

At the Head of the Class


Endodontics: Considerations for Ensuring Complete Anesthesia During Endodontic Care

Ali Allen Nasseh, DDS, MMSC, PC


Esthetics: Changing Tooth Position with Orthodontics or Restorative Dentistry-Both Perspectives

Paul R. Chalifoux, DDS, Steve Noxon, DMD, MSD


Implant Dentistry: The Maxillary Central Incisor Implant-A Guide for Ideal Esthetic Implant Placement

Michael K. Sonick, DMD


Periodontics: Treatment of the Class V Lesion-Crown Lengthening or Crown Shortening?

Timothy J. Hempton, DDS, Dimitrios Drakos, DDS, Philip J. Koralishn, DDS, Raymond Martin, DDS


Restorative Dentistry: Developing Posterior Composite Restorations-A Biomechanical Concept

Douglas A. Terry, DDS, Karl F. Leinfelder, DDS, MS

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Practice Essentials

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An Inside Look At...: 3M ESPE

University Spotlight: Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Industry Insider

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Practice Building and Wealth Management: Leading Edge Management

Roger P. Levin, DDS

The Effect of Adhesive and Flowable Composite on Postoperative Sensitivity-2-Week Results

Howard E. Strassler, DDS

Long-Term Effect of Smoking on Vertical Periodontal Bone Loss

Howard E. Strassler, DDS

Cervical Caries - Treatment Options Based Upon Etiology of the Lesion

Howard E. Strassler, DDS

Clinical Materials Review: Impression Material Basics

John O. Burgess, DDS, MS

Technology Integration: A Subjective Overview of Digital Integration

Claudio M. Levato, DDS, FACD

Lab Talk: Communication-The Ultimate in Synergy

Pinhas Adar, CDT, MDT

Achieving Clinical Success with Provisionals

Douglas A. Terry, DDS

From the Editor

Odyssey Diode Lasers Clinical Guides

Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD

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