Resource Center | CAD/CAM


What does CBCT and digital imaging mean to your practice?

What's on the cutting edge?

Dale Miles walks you through an overview of CBCT and digital imaging. 


Learn more about how CAD/CAM has impacted the dental space!

How has CAD/CAM impacted practice management?

David Burt explains how CAD/CAM has impacted the dental space, accelerating the pace of digital dentistry. 


How can you increase your competitive advantage?

David Burt provides a case study of a patient with severly worn dentition and signifcant bite collapse, illustrating the usefulness of digital dentures.


Learn more about how dentists and labs can work together with CAD/CAM!

How can you find a balance between CAD/CAM and the human touch?

Chad Perry and Joshua Polansky provide their perspectives about working without CAD/CAM and how its addition affected their workflow.  


Learn more about how you can get more from your CBCT!

How well do you know your CBCT?

Christos Angelopoulos examines the capabilities of CBCT, standards for diagnostic quality, and utilities for analyzing image data in this 2-credit course. 

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