Building Beautiful Smiles with Resin and Porcelain
The science of dental materials and occlusion in your everyday practice
Fred H. Peck, DDS, AAACD

If a patient's occlusal issues are not assessed and addressed, esthetic treatment will fail. 

A Contemporary Solution to a Common Esthetic Problem with Implants
New option eliminates potential problems of using angled abutments
David R. Avery, CDT, AAS

This case involved a maxillary fixed, detachable, implant-supported restoration where the retaining screws securing the anterior implants emerged from the facial aspect of some of the patient's teeth.

21st Century Solutions to Endodontic Problems
The accessory post technique for conservative and effective treatment
Patrick L. Roetzer, DDS, FICD, FACD; Shika Gupta, BDS, DDS; Robert L. English, DDS

Because canal shape is rarely perfectly round and canal sizes vary, clinicians can rely upon specialized materials and techniques to ensure clinical success, depending on the requirements and needs of the case.

Predictable Techniques for Successful Provisional Restorations
Providing the natural-looking, long-lasting provisionals patients want
Daniel H. Ward, DDS

Patients demand high esthetics and durability, and clinicians must consider their needs while finding the right balance between adhesion and ease of removal.

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