Resource Center | Practice Management


Learn more about moving toward more profitable CAD/CAM treatments!

How can you optimize your CAD/CAM?

Bernie Stolz and Dennis Marvel explain how to leverage CAD/CAM technology to provide faster, affordable treatment. 


What do you need to know about trends in transitions for dental organizations?

What do you need to know about acquisition models in dentistry?

Bruce Bryen provides an extensive overview of a variety of models for transition within the dental industry.


Learn more about blind spots in your dental practice!

How can you avoid tunnel vision?

Jay Geier provides a brief discussion about avoiding blind spots in your practice. 


Learn more about how professionals like you feel about the status of the dental industry!

What did dental professional say about their industry?

Dan Croft discusses his survey at two major conferences this year, and provides candid feedback about what he found.


Learn more about how an Infection Control Coordinator can help your practice!

How can an infection control coordinator help your practice?

Marie Fluent discusses how this position can play a variety of roles within practices. 

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