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How predictable are your results with Alloderm?

How predictable are your results?

Edward Allen, Ben Calem, and James Woodyard compare the predictability of Alloderm compared to using a patient's tissue. 




Learn more about options when treating advanced periodontal lesions!

What option do you use for periodontal lesions?

Three specialists discuss the best treatment for advanced periodontal lesions: LANAP or surgery. 


Learn how lip repositioning can eliminate a gummy smile!

How can fixing the gummy smile help with esthetics?

Douglas Mahn provides a case study of a 42-year-old women who sought to change her "gummy smile" through lip repositioning. 


Correcting defects around tilted and horizontal implants

Dealing with defects around tilted and horizontal implants

Paul Petrungaro provides a procedure to address peri-implantitis management in All-on-4 treatment contept cases.


Learn more about the underlying causes of pain and how to properly manage pain for your patients!

The proper pain management depends on the understanding the underlying pathophysiology of pain.

Earn credits while learning about the pathophysiology of pain, the comparison of primary analgesic medications used in dentistry, and the clinical rationale behind prescribing glucocorticoid.

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