April 2011

Table of Contents

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Continuing Education

Maxillary Overlay Removable Partial Dentures for the Restoration of Worn Teeth

Julio Fonseca, DMD, Pedro Nicolau, DMD, PhD, Tony Daher, DDS , MSEd pp 12-20; quiz 21

Prescribing Recommendations for the Treatment of Acute Pain in Dentistry

Elliot V. Hersh, DMD, MS, PhD, William T. Kane, DDS, MBA, Michael G. O'Neil, PharmD, George A. Kenna, PhD, RPh, Nathaniel P. Katz, MD, Stephanie Golubic, DMD, MBE, Paul A. Moore, DMD, PhD, MPH pp 22-30; quiz 31


Should Botox Therapy and Filler Enhancements be Performed by Dental Professionals

Costantinos Laskarides, DMD, DDS, PharmD, FICD, Ronald E. Goldstein, DDS, Louis Malcmacher, DDS, FAGD pp 10-11

Business of Dentistry

Clarify Your Online Marketing Objectives Before Seeking Social Media Status

Danielle Walton pp 8--9

Case Study

Immediate Temporization Crown Lengthening

Shin-Chang Tseng, DDS, Jia Hui Fu, BDS, Hom-Lay Wang, DDS, MSD, PhD pp 38-43

Feldspathic Veneers: What are their Indications?

Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC, MDS, Brian LeSage, DDS, FAACD pp 44-49

Kois Center Case of Month

Innovative Advanced Occlusion Planning with Superimposed CT and Optical Scans

Gilbert Tremblay, BSc, DMD pp 50-58

Research Update

Evaluation of Cleansing Methods for Previously Worn Prostheses

R. Thomas Glass, DDS, PhD, Robert S. Conrad, PhD, James W. Bullard, MS, Leigh B. Goodson, Maresh Mehta, Stanley J. Lech, Zvi G. Loewy, PhD pp 68-73

Literature Review

Combination Syndrome Symptomatology and Treatment

Len Tolstunov, DDS, DMD pp 62-66

The Voice

An All-Inclusive Organization

C. Yolanda Bonta, DDS, MS, MS pp 76

Online Only

Reduction of Two Red Complex Bacteria by Sustained-Release Doxycycline and Correlation to Improvement in Mean Pocket

Clay B. Walker, PhD, Kenneth C. Godowski, MSc, Steven Garrett, DDS, Craig Wesselman, MS e 32-37

Dental Root Resorption: A Review of the Literature and a Proposed New Classification

Robert J. Kanas, DDS, Scott J. Kanas e 38-52

Smile Restoration through Use of Enamel Microabrasion Associated with Tooth Bleaching

Renato Herman Sundfeld, DDS, MS, PhD, Vanessa Rahal, DDS, MD, Rodrigo Sversut de Alexandre, DDS, MSc, André Luiz Fraga Briso, DDS, MS, PhD, Daniel Sundfeld Neto e 53-57

Evaluating Extraction Sockets in the Esthetic Zone for Immediate Placement of Implants

Cyril I. Evian, DMD, Jonathan A. Waasdorp, DMD, MS, Maki Ishii, DMD, Martine Mandracchia, DDS, Farshid Sanavi, DMD, PhD, Edwin S. Rosenberg, DMD e 58-65

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