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Learn more about how digital solutions provide a more efficient and esthetic restorative option!

How do digital solutions provide better restorative options?

Thomas Balshi and Stephen Balshi explain a new technique developed due to innovative technological advances provides a better restorative solution for your clients. 


Learn more about the Two-Part Implant Bridge, The Diamart!

How has Panthera sought to innovate problems with implant bridges?

We provide an explanation of the The Diamart, along with a video its versatility and easy access for increasing repairability. 


Learn more about zirconia and implant-supported hybrid restorations!

Why is a strict protocol important?

Pinhas Adar gives an overview of the importance of protocol to ensure predictability in implant-supported solid zirconia hybrid restorations. 


Learn more about how dentist-technician teams address questions in implant dentistry!

How could implants hold for you and your lab?

Domenico Cascione, Mamaly Reshad, Victor Castro, and Wesam Salha discuss how dentist-technician teams address important questions in implant dentistry. Scroll down for the video. 


Learn more about treatment options with implant-supported restorations!

What treatment options are available for dental implants and prostheses?

Laura Andreescu explains the myriad of factors affecting implant-supported restorations and how innovations have improved outcomes. 

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