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Learn more about how Dentsply Sirona's inLab provides versatility!

Why is inLab a great addition for your lab?

Edwin Kee explains that most dentists have little time to design large or complicated cases and the inLab system allows dentists to share cases with inLab laboratory of their choice. 


Learn more about the pros and cons of intraoral scanners.

How can you avoid the hype around intraoral scanners?

Justin Hayes offers a great overview of intraoral scanners and their use in the dental space, including their pros and cons. 


Learn more about how digital communications tools empower new opportunities for your lab!

How can digital communications empower your lab?

Pam Johnson tackles this question, providing insight into how digital connectivity and digitally captured data turns information into action. 


Learn more about greater design detail using this interactive pen-table system.

How have digital tools increased detail-intensive dental design?

Larry Stites describes how Allure Dental Studio invested in a touch-sensitive, interactive pen display that provides greater latitude than a computer mouse. 


How can CAD/CAM strengthen treatment practices?

This article presents a case in which collaboration, particularly with the use of CAD/CAM, led to excellent results.

From dental office to patient - an infographic guide to CAD/CAM restoration
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