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Learn more about classifying veneer preparations!

Why classify veneer preparations?

In this 1 credit CE, Brian LeSage explains how a classification system of veneer preparations would greatly benefit both dentists and patients. 


Learn more about this single-bake technique using Vita VM9!

Learn how to save time without sacrificing beauty!

This how-to video with Bill Mrazek, CDT, illustrates a single-bake technique for creating esthetic anterior crowns with VITA VM9 all-ceramic porcelain. 



Learn more about treating traumatic oral injury with veneers!

How can treating a traumatic oral injury provide insight?

Kyle Swan gives his own account of a case involving traumatic injury following health issues, laying out the lenghty, methodical process to provide an optimal outcome. 


Learn more about this single-bake technique using VMK Master by Vita!

Bill Mrazek, CDT, discusses his single-bake technique using VITA VMK Master® PFM porcelain. This techniques saves more than 15 minutes of processing time and is simple, esthetic and efficient.


How can the clinician-technician produce great restorative results? Read more about digital workflow.

Case study illustrates digital restorative process through clinician-technician collaboration

Lee Culp, CEO of Sculpture Studio, and Lida Swann, Prothodontist, discuss how CAD/CAM can offer a more efficient restorative process.

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