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July/August 2013
Volume 4, Issue 8
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Cover Story

Dental Innovations of Tomorrow

Kate Hughes, Pam Johnson

Editor's Letter

Journey to the New Dimension

Pam Johnson

Continuing Education

Combating Cross-Contamination

Mary A. Borg


Three-Dimensional Printing of Dentures Using Fused Deposition Modeling

Gregory S. Jacob, DDS

Quickly and Accurately Fabricating Single Crowns

Theresa Parker, CDT

Web Exclusives

Dentures, A Matter of Health

Daniel Alter, CDT, MDT, Michelle Cafaro Gellar, RN, MSN, NPH

TechEdge Industry

Milled Implant Abutments

Lars M. Hansson, CDT, FICOI

Digitally Designed Implant Abutments

Delegating for Success

Business Insider

Moving the Denture Industry Forward

Inside Business

Data Mining for Growth

Terry Fine

The Race to the Bottom

Deborah Curson-Vieira

Return on Investment for CAD/CAM

Rob Nazzal


Case Success with the Right Porcelain System

Al Hodges, CDT

Superb Results in a Short Time

William T. Zanin

Technical Profiles

Innovation from Every Angle

Dependable Zirconia Sintering


An Interview with Dave Anable

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