Digitally Scannable Impression Materials: Fewer Steps Mean Greater Precision
Jenn Janicki and Lee Ann Brady, DMD

The goal of dental prostheses is to predictably replicate the natural dentition and soft tissue as accurately, comfortably, attractively, and affordably as possible. This requires close collaboration between the dental practice and dental laboratory as well as having the most advanced techniques and materials.

Technology, Artistry, and Nature Converge
Curtis Jansen, DDS, and Frank S. Mercurio, CDT

New tools have enabled technology and artistry to merge, providing the dental team and patients with restorations that mimic natural dentition. CAD/CAM technologies have shown to help overcome the challenges of traditional impression-taking by providing precision, patient comfort, and speed.

State-of-the-Art Esthetics, Precision, and Long-Term Stability With Implant Restorations
Robert Vogel, DDS, and Marcos Aleman, CDT

Meeting the myriad demands of extreme functinal and parafunctional forces while attaining an outsanding esthetic match with natural teeth can be challenging. The introduction of "hybrid abutments" has provided a solution to help laboratories and dentists create implant restorations to meet everyone's expectations. 

A Successful Technician and Dentist Collaboration on Immediate Dentures
James Collis, CDT, and Neeraj Khanna, DDS

Communications and coordination are the keys to successful results. A workable treatment plan means having an efficient process and providing detailed information throughout every step. All this leads to a pleased patient and a satisfied dental team.  

Team Solutions for a Highly Esthetic and Strong Posterior Solution
Sven Jesse, MDT, and Edward M. Narcisi, DMD

Today, dental laboratory technicians and clinicians have many materials options for restoring a single-unit posterior crown. Strength, esthetics, and functionality are of extreme importance when choosing a substance that will withstand masticatory forces over the long term and meet the esthetic demands of today's patients.

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