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Enhanced Treatment Options Through Digital Communication and Fabrication Technologies

David Avery, CDT, AAS

This article will introduce the reader to a number of dentistry's digital technologies that were designed to enhance team communication and restorative fabrication. 

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Customized Characterization Made Easy

Craig Nelson, AAS, CDT

How to achieve natural-looking results with any denture type

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  • EZ Pickup

    This material is odorless, tasteless and has less than 1% shrinkage. It will not irritate freshly sutured tissue like methyl-methacrylate will and can also be used to pick-up any attachment.   

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Technique of the Week

Though provisionals can be processed right onto the stone model to save time, this duplication method eliminates the need for the stone model completely. Watch as this technician precisely duplicates the restoration in New Outline long term PMMA

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NADL University

NADL University

September 11 - 13, 2014

The Tempe Mission Palms Hotel

Tempe, Arizona 85281

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