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How predictable are your results with Alloderm?

How predictable are your results?

Edward Allen, Ben Calem, and James Woodyard compare the predictability of Alloderm compared to using a patient's tissue. 




Learn more about options when treating advanced periodontal lesions!

What option do you use for periodontal lesions?

Three specialists discuss the best treatment for advanced periodontal lesions: LANAP or surgery. 


Earn credit learning about single-rooted extraction sockets - Periodontics!

How do you approach tooth replacement?

This article proposes classification for extraction sockets, identifies three types of extraction sockets, and describes treatment protocol. 


Learn more about atraumatic tissue management and the perfect impression!

How can you improve your impression techniques and guidelines?

Gildo Coelho Santos, Leendert Boksman, and Maria Jacinta Moraes Coehlo Santos illustrate how the perfect impression occurs through the use of materials, techniques, and guidelines that promote atraumatic tissue management.


Learn more about how periodontal health can be related to other health complications!

How can periodontal disease be related to other health complications?

Check out this CDC Podcast geared toward professionals. Two dental professionals discuss periodontal disease, diabetes complications, and the influence of poor oral health on blood glucose control. 

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