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Learn more about the intersection of science and art!

What is best suited for anterior restorations?

Gildo Coelho Santos Jr. discusses bonding agents and esthetics, and what works best when working on anterior composite restorations. 


Learn more about promoting tooth conservation while promoting function and esthetics.

How do you balance tooth conservation with function and esthetics?

Rafael Beolchi provides a case study of a 19-year-old where direct composite veneers were applied using a minimally invasive procedure. 


Learn more about minimally invasive restoration of worn dentition!

Minimally invasive restoration of worn dentition?

This CE eBook by the Dawson Academy discusses the complete dentistry protocol for treating patients and the specific occlusal goals when treating tooth wear. 


Learn more about bonding with latest generation!

What should you know about universal adhesives?

Thomas Dudney gives a brief overview of univeral adhesives and bonding with the latest generation. 


Learn more about the considerations when selecting an impression material.

What should you consider when choosing an impression material?

John Burgess and Nathaniel Lawson discuss the considerations for choosing an impression material: flow, tear strength, hydrophilicity, detail reproduction, and elastic recovery. 

Harmonize Nanohybrid Universal Composite
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