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Learn more about the most efficient soft-tissue laser ablation.

What is the key to the success of soft-tissue ablative dental lasers?

Peter Vitruk and Robert Levine discuss how to determine the most efficient soft-tissue laser ablation, the coagulation process and various factors, and more in this Continuing Education article.


Learn more about how oral biofilm what it is and how it forms.

Oral Biofilm management depends on knowing what it is.

Gregori Kurtzman provides an overview of oral biofilm and how it forms. 


Find resources from the Oral Care Center by Colgate!

Looking for great resources?

Whether you need helpful resources for your patients to help them learn about periodontal disease and prevention, or you would just like ideas on how to provide great resources for your own site, check out Colgate's Oral Care Center. 


Learn more about the use and advantages of lasers in periodontics!

Emerging Trends in Periodontics

Learn more about the use and advantages of lasers in periodontics, and understand current research on the status of lasers and trending treatments in the management of periodontitis.


Learn more about a recent study about periodontal maintenance

Evaluating the effectiveness of topical oxidizing agents

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry examines 66 cases of failing periodontal maintaince who had exhausted treatment options. Learn more about the results.

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