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Learn more about a new attachment system that provides strength and wear-resistance!

How can overdentures be avoided?

Anthony Prudenti provides a case presentation with a 70-year-old with failing dentition. A new attachment system provided stability, retention, and ease of use for the patient. 


Learn more about improvements in implant treatment outcomes due to digital technology.

CAD/CAM Tech enhances patient treatment outcomes

Steven Tucker and Samuel Schmitz explore digital dentistry and improvement in treatment outcomes due to enhanced safety, accuracy, effificiency, and timeliness. 


Learn more about CT-guided surgery and its use in treatment planning!

How can CT-guided surgery benefit from the "virtual dental patient"?

This article presents the case of 49-year-man who sought a fixed solution due to worn dentition. Find out how CT-guided surgery facilitated his treatment planning. 


Learn more about adapting your practice to the growth in implants!

Are you adapting to growth of implants in dentistry?

Roger Levin discusses the growth in implants and how you can consider adding the offering to your practice. 


What is appropriate for delayed or immediate implant placements?

When do you delay implant placement?

June's Roundtable invites insight from dental professionals about the appropriate time for delayed or immediate implant placement.

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