Resource Center | Implants


Learn more how the advancement of technology has helped collaboration on complex implant treatments!

How is collaboration on complex implant cases easier?

Don Jayne and Leon Hermanides discuss new advancements in technology and implant components have enabled collaborative efforts to ensure success on complex implant cases. 


What guides your implant decision making?

What guides your decision making?

Allison DiMatteo provides an extensive overview of implants techniques and technology in this cover story.


Learn more about how digital imaging can help with better implant planning and positioning.

Technology allows better assessment prior to placement.

Jay Reznick discusses the use of digital imaging to more accurately assess pre-existing pathology, volume, and location to improve implant planning and position. 


Learn more about the factors considered when determining prosthetic options!

What options exist for removable prosthetic options in implant dentistry?

This CE eBook examines several factors that must be considered when choosing prosthetic options. It also includes several cases for demonstrating these principles. 


Learn more about authentic implant components and the mechanics of those components in this eBook!

Why are using authentic parts so important in implantology?

This CE eBook by Jesse and Frichtel provides an overview of implant connections as well as the mechanics of implant components. 

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