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Learn more about how Piezo surgical techniques allows safe and predictable placement of implants.

How can Piezo surgical techniques offer significant advantages?

Richard Schell discusses the Piezo surgical techniques in a maxillary dental implant placement with a simultaneous sinus lift.


Learn how diode lasers can help treating peri-implantitis, improving clinical results.

How can diode lasers help in the treatment of peri-implantitis?

Gregori Kurtzman, Markus Weitz, Ron Kaminer, and Daniel Gober discuss how diode lasers can improve clinical results with this long-term case follow-up.


Learn more about using 3D restorative planning!

How can 3D restorative planning benefit your patients? This article discusses using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan as preparation for a posterior single-tooth implant. It demontrates diagnostic, planning, and treatment delivery methods that can use CT data. 


Earn CE Credit while learning more about electrosurgery!

How can electrosurgery lead to greater success?

This eBook seeks to enhance your understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of electrosurgery by providing examples of clinical sucesses. Earn CE Credit!


How has digital dentistry impacted implantology?

How has digital dentistry impacted implantology?

Bradley DeGroot suggests that contemporary implant therapy needs 3D imaging within a team context guided by the restorative goals. 

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