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Sesame Communications Releases November Webinar Schedule

Posted on September 25, 2012

Sesame Communications has announced its upcoming webinar schedule:

Date and Time: 11/1 10am Pacific

Presenter: Boris Kurbanov

Title: Writing for Social Media: Why Content Matters

Synopsis: Attendees will learn how to make blog postings, Facebook status updates, and Tweets more relevant, valuable, and interesting to patients and readers.

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Date and Time:  11/6  9am Pacific

Presenter: Amy Morgan

Title: Maximizing Your Online Community by Building Real Relationships

Synopsis: Orthodontists and teams will learn how to create an interactive online community with patients, parents and referring practices. The presentation will cover: how to leverage blogs and e-newsletters to create mindshare; social media strategies that engage and excite; and proactive online reputation management

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Date and Time: 11/14 10am Pacific

Presenter: Tim Williams

Title: The Power of Like

Synopsis: This webinar will explore the power of social networking and the real-world, bottom-line impacts your practice can achieve by harnessing this unique medium.

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Date and Time: 11/15 9am Pacific

Presenter: Adam Decker

Title: How the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) Will Affect Dentistry

Synopsis: This presentation will provide a look at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) as it relates to the dentist, the dentist’s employees, and the dentist’s practice.  Focus will be on provisions that will specifically impact these three groups in the very near future, including an explanation of these provisions and discussion the changes dentists may implement to address these provisions. 

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Date and Time: 11/27 9am Pacific

Presenter: Fran Pangakis and Shari Tastad

Title: Learning from Zappos: Creating World-Class Customer Service

Synopsis: Attendees will learn the three common mistakes small business owners often make in their own pursuit of success, the core values for world-class customer service, and to become that type of practice.

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Date and Time: 11/28 9am Pacific

Presenter: Jeff Shearer

Title: Facebook For Your Practice: 20 Ways to Get More “Likes”

Synopsis: Facebook is no longer an emerging trend – now 67% of dental practices report they have a Facebook page. It’s no surprise considering Facebook has more than 850 million users, with the

average U.S. consumer spending over seven hours per month on Facebook.


The time is now to start harnessing the power of social media as a marketing channel for your practice, and in this information-packed Webinar, we will help you do just that! We’ll reveal the top tips in dentistry to optimize your Facebook page, get more likes, engage your current patients, and most of all, attract new patients!

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