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LUMINEERS® Program is Bringing the Most Requested Veneers to Dental Labs

Posted on September 13, 2012

DenMat has announced the introduction of the LUMINEERS Local Program, giving independent dental laboratories across America access to the #1 patient-requested veneers.

Until now, the only way a dentist could provide LUMINEERS was by ordering directly from DenMat. Since many dentists work with their trusted local labs, where strong relationships are invaluable, DenMat and FullContour are partnering together to create the LUMINEERS Local Program, making LUMINEERS available to dentists directly through independent labs.

“The brand recognition of LUMINEERS as the result of national TV and consumer magazine advertising brings new patients to dental offices every day seeking new smiles,” said Robert Cartagena, Chief Operations Officer, DenMat. “It’s the #1 patient-requested veneer system and now independent labs can increase their revenue significantly while providing direct service to their clients through the LUMINEERS Local program.”

Through this new program, a dentist can send their patient impressions to a participating LUMINEERS Local lab. The LUMINEERS Local Lab scans the patient model and uploads the file to a web-based portal. FullContour then uses the scan file to design the veneer case to the LUMINEERS Local Lab’s specifications. DenMat then delivers both a design pattern and porcelain ingot to the partner laboratory. The LUMINEERS Local Lab invests, presses and finishes the veneer case for delivery to the dentist.

“As a business model, the LUMINEERS Local Program represents the opportunity to capitalize on the broad brand recognition of this proven product,” commented Rob Laizure, Sr., Chief Executive Officer, FullContour. “Those considering joining should know that FullContour and DenMat are equally committed to achieving total customer satisfaction through on-time delivery, dependable customer support and consistently excellent product quality.”