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NovaBone Putty USA Patent Allowed

Posted on July 16, 2012

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The United States Patent Office has notified the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) that patent application 11/724,255 (Ceramic Composition for Filling Bone Defects) has been allowed, and the patent will publish in September 2012. NovaBone Putty® was jointly developed between MTF and NovaBone Products, LLC. The patent is exclusively licensed to NovaBone Products.

Since its introduction in 2006, NovaBone Putty® has become the leading synthetic bone graft putty in the Orthopedics and Dental markets. NovaBone Putty® is indicated for bony voids or gaps of the skeletal system (i.e. the extremities, posterolateral spine, and pelvis). NovaBone Putty is also indicated for oral, dental intraosseous, and craniofacial defects.

“We have enjoyed very significant sales of NovaBone Putty® in both the orthopedic and dental markets,” said Art Wotiz, President of NovaBone Products. “We have implemented a strategy of reinvesting proceeds from putty to further build our intellectual property portfolio. We now have more than a dozen patents and patent applications for our family of biologics. We anticipate a steady stream of new product launches based on the technologies covered in the various patent filings,” he added.

NovaBone Products was established in 2002 with a focus on developing bone graft substitutes based on advancements in biomedical engineering that would meet the specialized needs of orthopedic and dental surgeons.

NovaBone was the first bioactive synthetic bone graft offered to the orthopedic community; the unique properties of the product formulation gave rise to the need to scientifically define its bone-forming process, and in 2005, the FDA authorized the term "osteostimulation," as a way to describe how the products signal genetic pathways to accelerate natural regeneration of bone.

This bioactive technology platform is available only through NovaBone Products.

NovaBone Products is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida with an operations and laboratory facilities in Alachua/Gainesville, Florida, as well as sales offices in New Jersey, Shanghai, China and Bangalore, India.