Product Specials

Ultradent Introduces Edelweiss

Posted on May 8, 2012

Ultradent Products, Inc. launcedl Edelweiss, a uniquely engineered composite veneer system, at the California Dental Association Session in Anaheim last week. Attendees of the session saw first glimpse at the low-cost, esthetic alternative to custom laboratory veneers.

Each composite veneer in the Edelweiss system is laser sintered, combining a high-gloss, uniform surface with a thermally tempered base. This unique manufacturing technology makes Edelweiss veneers harder than other composite veneers, resulting in greater resistance to scratching and wear.

Ultradent intends Edelweiss as a solution for those seeking a lower-cost alternative to custom lab veneers, unlocking the opportunity for dentists to offer esthetic smiles to more patients. With no need for laboratory work or separate appointments for consultations, impressions, temporary seatings, and permanent restorations, Edelweiss allows patients to get a natural-looking, long-lasting smile in just one appointment. Edelweiss composite veneers are available in an assortment of sizes, requiring minimal adaptation and tooth preparation.