Palmero Announces X-Ray Apron Recycle and Trade-in Program

Posted on August 17, 2017

Palmero Healthcare, a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, announced their latest green initiative, Palmero’s X-Ray Apron Recycling Program.

They are committed to environmental responsibility. It’s a key component of their core values and an extension of their mission to protect patients, clinicians, and the practice to include the environment as well.

Their new eco-friendly and environmentally responsible program rewards participants for supporting greener dentistry! Lead aprons have a useful life as their shielding properties wear down gradually. Proper maintenance includes either checking via fluoroscopy or replacing if they show any signs of damage. According to the EPA, recycling lead aprons is the preferred method since it keeps lead out of landfills. Now you can go green with our environmentally friendly X-Ray Apron Recycle/Trade-in Program. All materials will be responsibly disposed of and all lead liners will be properly distributed for processing back to base material. 

If you are only looking for a method of responsible disposal Palmero Healthcare are happy to accommodate, however they hope you will take part in the Trade-In Program and benefit from a complementary apron hanger that will help protect your investment in safety through proper storage.  

RECYCLE 1 X-Ray Apron, RECEIVE 1 FREE Apron Hanger

1. Purchase a new Palmero x-ray apron.

2. Collect old or unwanted X-ray apron of any brand.

3. Contact Customer Service for a Return of Authorization Number (RA#) to register for recycling.

4. Submit invoice with RA# via Fax 203.377.8988 or email Include

ship to address, phone, and email.

5. Ship your old apron withRA# for responsible disposal to the address below

6. Acquire a new x-ray apron hanger, an $18.00 retail value for your participation! 

Palmero Healthcare LLC

Attn: X-Ray Recycle/Trade-In Program

120 Goodwin Place

Stratford, CT 06615



DenMat announce David J. Casper as CEO

Posted on August 17, 2017

DenMat announced it has hired David J. Casper as CEO. Casper previously served as President of Glidewell Laboratories’ Prismatik Dentalcraft and IOS Technologies divisions. Before that, he was Managing Director of Sybron Implant Solutions GmbH.


Nobel Biocare introduces the All-on-4® Treatment Concept

Posted on August 17, 2017

A revolution when it was first introduced, the multiple benefits of the All-on-4® treatment concept are now well proven.1-6 The concept was developed to efficiently provide edentulous patients and those with a failing dentition with an immediately-loaded, fixed full-arch prosthesis.* Today, Nobel Biocare continues to evolve the concept, with innovations designed to further enhance treatment results.

The clinically proven approach

The All-on-4® treatment concept enables the rehabilitation of fully edentulous mandibular or maxillary arches using just four implants. By tilting the two posterior implants, longer implants can be used in reduced bone volume, increasing bone-to-implant contact and reducing the need for bone augmentation. With the tilted posterior implants anchored in better quality anterior bone, cantilevers are reduced, improving support for the prostheses.7, 8 It’s an approach that is less invasive and cost-intensive for the patient than bone grafting, more efficient for the clinician and, most importantly, is clinically validated to work.1-6

Supported by almost 20 years of clinical success, the All-on-4® treatment concept offers a reliable solution for patients looking to escape the discomfort that so often comes from wearing a removable denture, or those with a failing dentition that do not want to spend even a day without teeth. Long-term success has been shown in both the edentulous maxilla and mandible, with long-term follow-up of 5–10 years showing cumulative survival rates of 94.8–98.0%.9,10

These results go hand-in-hand with patient satisfaction, as 98% of All-on-4® treatment concept patients would recommend the treatment. In a study, 95% of 250 patients said that they were satisfied with their new teeth, while 88% said they would definitely recommend similar treatment to friends and colleagues.11

Immediate Function

Today, Nobel Biocare offers more implant options than ever before for the All-on-4® treatment concept, helping clinicians choose the right implant for each case. With Nobel Biocare implants, a unique combination of implant design, surgical protocol and the proven TiUnite surface help to ensure primary stability and maintain it during the healing phase. As such, provided patient criteria are met and adequate primary stability is achieved, Nobel Biocare implants allow a fixed provisional restoration to be loaded on the day of surgery – a key benefit of the All-on-4® treatment concept.

NobelSpeedy, the original and widely documented implant for the All-on-4® treatment concept, is now available in more lengths and diameters for increased surgical flexibility. Shorter, longer and wider variants have been added to an expanded NobelSpeedy Groovy range designed to further help clinicians utilize a graftless approach and achieve cortical or bicortical anchorage where bone quality and quantity are limited, thus allowing more patients to benefit from the proven advantages of the All-on-4® treatment concept.12, 13 NobelActive is another proven implant system proven effective for the All-on-4® treatment concept, including when using narrow 3.5-mm-diameter implants.14

Precision during implant placement for the All-on-4® treatment concept can be maximized with digital diagnostics and guided surgery. Using the NobelClinician software, clinicians can benefit from digital treatment information and conduct prosthetic-driven implant planning for their All-on-4® treatment concept patients. NobelClinician also facilitates collaboration between members of the treatment team and allows easy ordering of all surgical components required for the planned treatment.

Once finalized in NobelClinician, the plan can be predictably transferred to clinical reality using the NobelGuide guided surgery concept, which provides the clinician with ready-to-use patient-specific surgical templates and instruments tailored for the surgery.

In cases where maxillary bone is severely resorbed, zygomatic implant placement may still allow graftless restoration of the full arch on four implants. Building on 25 years of success with Nobel Biocare’s zygomatic implants, the new NobelZygoma implants provide greater surgical and prosthetic flexibility than previous options, while a new tapered apex design has been added to support high primary stability for Immediate Function.

Create an accurate prosthesis in a snap

At the restorative stage of their All-on-4® treatment concept procedure, clinicians using conical connection implants can now take advantage of the new Multi-unit Abutment Plus** – an enhancement of the successful Nobel Biocare Multi-unit Abutment. It is designed to significantly reduce the chair time required to perform provisionalization processes such as a denture conversion – a procedure commonly used for the All-on-4® treatment concept. By introducing a snap-fit function between the temporary cylinders and the abutment, screws are no longer required during the try-in process. This means the common practice of removing the temporary cylinders and the denture several times during the conversion process can be done in a few snaps, with no need to tighten and loosen four screws each time. This new way to work provides a significant time-saving opportunity for the clinician. It can also dramatically increase patient comfort and eliminates worry about the screws potentially dropping out. 

NobelProcera – For an optimized final result

When it comes to the final restoration, NobelProcera offers a wide variety of precision-milled fixed and fixed-removable restorations for the All-on-4® treatment concept patients.  Patients looking for maximum esthetics can opt for individualized crowns on an implant bridge, while those requiring a cost-effective restoration can select a removable denture in acrylic on an implant bar. Regardless which option is chosen, NobelProcera offers easy handling for the clinician and excellent esthetics and function for the patient.15,16

Restoring more than a smile

The All-on-4® treatment concept puts dental professionals at the forefront of their profession. In fact, 24% of those that attended a Nobel Biocare All-on-4® treatment concept course grew the number of implants they placed by 50% the following year.17

Such success is largely thanks to the popularity of the All-on-4® treatment concept among patients.11 Reduced cost, less trauma, Immediate Function and excellent esthetic results are all clear patient benefits, as is the prospect of a solution that feels like natural teeth. Greater chewing ability, improved speech, increased comfort, less bone resorption – the list of attributes that can help drive patient acceptance goes on and on. Above all, these benefits in combination lead to a potentially life-changing result: the return of a patient’s self-confidence.


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Two New Rolling Cart Designs from Practicon

Posted on August 16, 2017

Practicon’s Core Four-Drawer Locking Cart is now available in a “flossing molars” dental-themed design and a fun jungle design that is perfect for pediatric practices. The compact cart is sized to fit under counters, tables and desks to save space, and is ideal for organizing, storing and securing supplies. A single key locks all four drawers at once, while the scuff-proof HDPE top is 3" deep and doubles as a work surface. The rolling cart is easy to maneuver with its built-in handle and heavy-duty 3" rubber swivel casters, and is available in 15 colors and styles.

For over three decades, Practicon has partnered with dental professionals to advance patient care, increase productivity and profitability, and heighten professional enjoyment by bringing “practical innovations” to dentistry. Practicon’s growing product line ranges from hard-to-find problem solvers to cost-effective everyday supplies. For more information, visit www.Practicon.comor telephone (800) 959-9505.

Practicon Introduces the Safety Tie for Implant Procedures

Posted on August 16, 2017

Working with small implant drivers can be demanding enough without the worry of losing the driver into the patient’s oral cavity. Practicon’s Safety Tie Instrument Leash eliminates this concern. Simply pass the driver through the hole on one end and secure with the detachable rubber stop ring, then loop the other end around a finger and proceed without worry. 100% nitrile Safety Tie is easier to use and provides more security than tying a floss leash, and is suitable for use with a variety of instruments.

For 35 years, Practicon has partnered with dental professionals to advance patient care, increase productivity and profitability, and heighten professional enjoyment by bringing “practical innovations” to dentistry. Practicon’s growing product line ranges from hard-to-find problem solvers to cost-effective everyday supplies. For more information, visit or telephone (800) 959-9505.

Spear Practice Solutions Launches Program for Dental Practitioners

Posted on August 15, 2017

Spear Education LLC, an Arizona-based provider of multi-platform training and resources for dental professionals, announced the official launch of Spear Practice Solutions (SPS). This comprehensive practice management platform blends dedicated consulting, tailored education, and real-time analytics to help every dental practice reach its full potential.

"Dentists work hard to deliver exceptional patient care," said Spear founder and director Dr. Frank Spear. "But running a successful, efficient practice while staying focused on clinical excellence can be extremely challenging. Whether dentists want to expand, work more efficiently, earn higher and more consistent revenues, or build a stable patient base, Spear Practice Solutions is designed to help them to achieve their personal vision of success. We take care of their business, so they can take care of patients."

SPS was first unveiled to the Spear Faculty Club and visiting faculty members on Sept. 30, 2016. We received an overwhelming response – reinforcing the need for this innovative platform. Now that SPS is fully launched, Spear is leading the industry with a personalized solution that provides dedicated business and clinical support for every part of the practice.

"Every element of Spear Practice Solutions works together to help dentists achieve their goals," said Dr. Gary DeWood, Spear executive vice-president of curriculum and clinical education. "Spear is already known for delivering world-class continuing education. Now SPS members will receive personalized, multi-channel content prescribed specifically to address their unique challenges and drive continuous improvement. Combine that with dedicated consulting and real-time analytics, and you have a powerful formula for success."

Spear Practice Solutions has three core pillars.

The first core pillar is made up of practice solutions consultants. Dentists receive one-on-one coaching from a dedicated Practice Solutions Consultant who has deep business, financial, clinical, dental, human resources and marketing experience. Consultants provide planning and implementation support for every part of the practice. They are empowered by the analytics platform to continually monitor practice performance and create targeted solutions, advice and educational plans based on real-time data.

The second pillar is custom education.The expert consultant prescribes detailed, customized learning plans for every member of the team – from clinical skill upgrades to relevant business strategies. All SPS members will also attend the multi-day “Practice of Excellence” workshop, which gathers the entire team to create a shared vision for the practice and promote an open, supportive culture of growth. Smaller breakout sessions will focus on harnessing individual strengths, strengthening patient engagement skills, and enhancing personal accountability and empowerment.

The final pillar is analytics application. Secure analytics produce real-time performance reports that reflect the current health of a dental practice. The native application works across any mobile device and features customizable goal setting and progress tracking to help dentists make sound business decisions.

To learn more about Spear Practice Solutions, visit

Aspen Dental Gives Back in Peru

Posted on August 11, 2017

12 Aspen Dental volunteers – including five dentists, two hygienists, two lab technicians and three dental assistants – recently traveled into the Andes Mountain to the village of Quiquijana, Peru to provide free dental care to those desperately in need. Over the course of four days, the Aspen Dental volunteers provided free dental care to more than 500 Peruvians.

From extractions to cleanings and fillings to fabricating dentures, Aspen Dental team took part in a mission to alleviate the most urgent dental needs and to improve the oral health of the residents. As a developing country, Peru doesn’t have sufficient resources to provide quality dental services – the team of dentists and hygienists performed care without running water or electricity, and had patients sit in camping chairs and plastic lawn chairs to receive treatment. Translators helped determine patients’ needs and the team went to work performing a total of 645 extractions, 137 fillings, 102 cleanings and making 26 pairs of dentures. 

The village of Quiquijana is a remote area outside the capital of Peru and many live in impoverished conditions – making not even $7 a day – and are unable to travel or afford dental care. There is only one dentist per 10,000 Peruvians leaving the majority without access to any preventative or restorative care.

A blog post with additional information on the trip can be found here.

Change Healthcare Introduces a New Dental Claim Attachments Technology

Posted on August 10, 2017

Change Healthcare, a leading provider of software and analytics, network solutions, and technology-enabled services, today introduced a new cost-effective Dental Claim Attachments technology. This new offering is tightly integrated with claims processing workflows to help ensure only essential attachments required by a payer are connected to a dental claim and delivered according to payer preferences.

“The Change Healthcare claim attachment offering will not only help reduce operating costs for providers, but will also provide a more integrated offering with associated claim detail for our payer partners," said Sajid Khan, General Manager, Dental, Change Healthcare. “By offering an innovative alternative attachment solution to the marketplace that leverages the largest dental EDI claims network in the country, we’re helping our customers realize significant savings and reduce inefficiencies inherent in the current process."

Payers and dental practices alike have had to traditionally manage the administrative burden of processing paper-based attachments to claims, escalating processing fees and compounding delays. While over 45% of dental health providers who use electronic claim submission also use an electronic attachments solution, those solutions often send unnecessary attachments or fail to send the required attachment, resulting in higher costs for payers and potential re-work for providers.

“Being able to determine a payer’s attachments requirement dynamically at the procedure, tooth, and surface levels helps reduce errors and accelerate revenue collection,” said Mohammad Samarah, PhD, President of EnMedical Systems, a dental Practice Management Vendor. “Through the Change Healthcare Dental Claim Attachment solution, we can now offer our clients a more complete practice workflow with a simple interface and automation that helps streamline their operations to help save time and money.”

Japanese Groundbreaking Ceremony Conducted at GC America Headquarters

Posted on August 10, 2017

The upcoming expansion of the GC America’s headquarters in Alsip, Illinois, was launched with a traditional Japanese groundbreaking ceremony. The ceremony began with the pacification or purification of the grounds by a Shinto priest. The ritual, called Ji Chin Sai, is intended to invite the “kami” (or local guardians) to the area, and the purification rites prepare for their arrival. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Lawrence Koichi Barrish, a Shinto priest from Granite Falls, Washington. He explained to attendees that it was similar to inviting a guest into one’s home. The purification can be compared to cleaning and preparation prior to the visit, which is followed by honorific words of welcome upon the guest’s arrival.

Rev. Barrish addressed the kami in the jichinsai norito, expressing gratitude and respect for the kami, asking for safety during the construction work, and praying for health and prosperity for users of the new building. As part of the purification, sake and salt were poured and scattered at the four corners of the enclosure. The ceremony highlights included Mr. Makoto Nakao, Chairman of GC Corporation, breaking the ground by cutting grass on top of a ‘mountain’ with a sickle, Mr. Steve Fletcher, President and Chief Operating Officer, removing rocks with a hoe, and Mr. Shinya Urano, President of Kajima Building and Design Group, burying an offering to the kami with a spade.

Attendees included Mr. Al Riley (Illinois State Representative), Mr. John Ryan (Mayor, Alsip, Illinois), Mr. Naoki Ito (Consul-General of Japan in Chicago), Dr. Gary Roberts (President, American Dental Association), Dr. Clark Stanford (University of Illinois Chicago Distinguished Professor and Dean), and several other key industry leaders.

Demolition and site preparation are scheduled to begin in the fall, and construction will start March 2018, with completion by July 2019. GC America currently has a training facility and logistics center and a separate location for office personnel in addition to its headquarters. Expanding the current 95,000 square feet at its headquarters to 150,000 square feet will enable the company to bring all operations to one location.

Whip Mix Holds 3rd Annual Dental Educator's Digital Forum

Posted on August 9, 2017

Whip Mix recently held its 3rd annual Dental Educator’s Digital Forum, entitled "Expanding Capabilities with 3D Printing," at the company’s headquarters in Louisville, KY.

Topics included 3Shape Implant Studio workflow, advanced design modules, and how to incorporate both subtractive and additive manufacturing for creating a successful prosthesis. Clinical case studies were presented to show the application workflows, incorporating CBCT imaging, intraoral scanning, and utilization of new technologies for planning and providing treatment.

Attendees included faculty and residents from seven Graduate Prosthodontic programs.


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