September 2013

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From the Editor

From the Editor: Overcoming Challenges

Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD pp 562

Continuing Education

Characterization and Treatment of Postsurgical Dental Implant Pain Employing Intranasal Ketorolac

Rebecca Bockow, DDS, MS, Jonathan Korostoff, DMD, PhD, Andres Pinto, DMD, MPH, Matthew Hutcheson, MS, Stacey A. Secreto, CRC, Laura Bodner, DMD, Elliot V. Hersh, DMD, MS, PhD pp 570-575; quiz 576

Low-Shrink Composite Resins: A Review of Their History, Strategies for Managing Shrinkage, and Clinical Significance

Mark L. Pitel, DMD pp 578-588; quiz 590

Case Reports

Bonded Functional Esthetic Prototype: An Alternative Pre-Treatment Mock-Up Technique and Cost-Effective Medium-Term Esthetic Solution

Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC pp 596-607

Lingual Orthodontics: Accelerated Realignment of the “Social Six” with Piezocision™

Federico Brugnami, DDS, Alfonso Caiazzo, DDS, Serge Dibart, DMD, MS pp 608-610

CAD/CAM Implant Abutments Using Coded Healing Abutments: A Detailed Description of the Restorative Process

Douglas H. Mahn, DDS, Tony Prestipino, CDT pp 612-615

Kois Center Case of Month

An Esthetic Concern Leads the Way to Improved Oral Health

Salvatore Guarnieri, DDS pp 616-620

Practical Application

Hand Hygiene in the Dental Setting: Reducing the Risk of Infection

Marie T. Fluent, DDS pp 624-627

Products in Practice

Bioactive and Therapeutic Preventive Approach to Dental Pit and Fissure Sealants

Mark L. Cannon, DDS, MS, John C. Comisi, DDS, MAGD pp 642-645

Research Update

Research Update—Infection Control

pp 622

Special Reports

Dental Implantology: An Evolving Treatment Modality

Scott D. Ganz, DMD pp 628-629

BIOMET 3i Provides Patient-Friendly Solutions, Dentist-Friendly Support

pp 630

Hiossen Offers Unequaled Implant Variety, Innovation, and Training

pp 632

Millennium Dental Technologies: Helping Clinicians Stem the Tide of Failing Implants

pp 634

MIS Implants Sets Technology Pace, Stresses Product Innovation

pp 636

Sirona Technology Leads the Way to Safer, More Predictable Implant Placement

pp 638

Dentists Attest to Straumann Playing Major Role in Implant “Revolution”

pp 640

Online Only

Evaluation of Physical Properties of Different Digital Intraoral Sensors

Wisam Al-Rawi, BDS, MSc, MS, Sorin Teich, DMD, MBA e 76-83

Maxillofacial Prosthetics: History to Modern Applications. Part 1 – Obturators

Gregory J. Paprocki, DDS e 84-86

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