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Learn how the latest developments in milling helps this lab thrive!

How can the latest developments in milling help your lab?

Albensi Laboratory Founder Don Albensi discusses how he invested money to start a CAD/CAM department. Using the DWX-51D has taken its operation to another level. 


Learn more about the forces affecting labs today!

How does strategic planning help you?

Playing the long game takes planning. Mark Murphy discusses what forces affect labs today, and how you can better plan strategically for the viability of your business.


Learn more about how CAD/CAM can help with unusual cases.

How can CAD/CAM help with unusual cases?

Sean Han explains how CAD/CAM technology helped with a patient who had a severe bruxism.


Learn more about the partnership between this lab and Panthera Dental!

How does this lab mix analog and CAD/CAM?

As this Tech Insider article points out, Laboratoire Dent-Esthérium can take advantage of these options by working with Panthera Dental. Panthera's innovative spirit makes it an ideal partner, open to new ideas from clients.


How can CAD/CAM strengthen treatment practices?

This article presents a case in which collaboration, particularly with the use of CAD/CAM, led to excellent results.

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