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Learn how the latest developments in milling helps this lab thrive!

How can the latest developments in milling help your lab?

Albensi Laboratory Founder Don Albensi discusses how he invested money to start a CAD/CAM department. Using the DWX-51D has taken its operation to another level. 


Learn more about your options when it comes to furnaces!

How has technology made traditional equipment more versatile and efficient?

Keith Miolen, CDT,  explores several furnace options on the market today: digitized and interactive furnaces are worlds apart from their predecessors. 


Learn more about the impact of digital integration in dentistry.

Crossing the Chasm

Lee Culp and Chad Duplantis discuss the impact of digital ingtegration in dentistry on clinicians and dental laboratories. 


Learn more about the partnership between this lab and Panthera Dental!

How does this lab mix analog and CAD/CAM?

As this Tech Insider article points out, Laboratoire Dent-Esthérium can take advantage of these options by working with Panthera Dental. Panthera's innovative spirit makes it an ideal partner, open to new ideas from clients.


How can CAD/CAM strengthen treatment practices?

This article presents a case in which collaboration, particularly with the use of CAD/CAM, led to excellent results.

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