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Learn more about Creative Image Dental Laboratory and how his CAD/CAM system provides efficient and reliable quality for his lab.


Learn more about open systems and customization!

How can open system and customization help when purchasing CAD/CAM equipment?

John Noel, owner of Noel Laboratories, discusses how an open system allowed for expansion once his business was ready. He explains how Axsys Dental Solutions worked with his company to develop templates and other capabilities to meet the lab's needs. 


Learn more about the impact of digital integration in dentistry.

Crossing the Chasm

Lee Culp and Chad Duplantis discuss the impact of digital ingtegration in dentistry on clinicians and dental laboratories. 


Learn what you need to know before upgrading or investing!

What are the key questions for investing?

Daniel Alter provides 10 key questions before adding or upgrading your lab CAD/CAM system.


How can CAD/CAM strengthen treatment practices?

This article presents a case in which collaboration, particularly with the use of CAD/CAM, led to excellent results.

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