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Learn more about what you should consider when investing in scanner technology.

What questions do you ask about scanners?

Darin Throndson provides a comprehensive overview of what you should consider before investing in scanner technology for your lab.


Learn more about the eight key questions that dentists will ask about technology.

What will dentists ask you about digital impression scanners?

Steven Piglaicelli discusses eight key questions that dentists will ask about technology and that you should be prepared to answer. 


Find the information you need to integrate CAD/CAM solutions for lab growth!

Looking for CAD/CAM solutions?

Find out more about producing well-fitting, quality restorations by integrating CAD/CAM solutions in your lab. 


Learn more about how scanners are innovating the dental lab industry.

How is the benchtop scanner changing the lab environment?

Michael Dominguez, CDT, TE, covers everything from accuracy to software options in this article, highlighting how this technology is innovating the industry.


Learn more about how digital options have expanded for dentures!

What do different models offer?

Chris Brown, BDEE, provides insight into how changes in technology provide varying degrees of control and responsbility. 

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