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Learn how this 44-year-old lab revitalized its business through rebranding, new materials, and new lab space.

How have materials and technology helped revitalize this dental lab?

This article explores how Zahntechnique revisited its space, its marketing, and its brand to give the 44-year-old dental lab a facelift.


Learn more about the presence of radioactive elements in zircon!

What about the radioactivity in millable zirconia materials?

Gregg Helvey explains the presence of radioactive elements in the mineral zircon, the safety thresholds, and the regulations in place to monitor radioactivity in indirect restorative dental materials. 


Learn the important of working closely with dentists for material selection and fabrication techniques!

How do you reach the ideal combination of opacity and color?

In this Master Class, Rafael Santrich and Richard Canizares discuss the challenges of restorative treatment of anterior teeth. Learn more about how laboratory ceramists can work with densits to develop the best treatment options, especially in material selection and fabrication techniques.


Learn more about the optical properties of materials and how these affect esthetic results.

What are the optical properties of materials?

Peter Pizzi discusses the challenges of layering ceramic onto these substructure materials and understanding the material's optical properties. 


Learn more about outsourcing options and next-generation materials!

Want more in an outsourcing solution?

CMC, through its partnership with Zahn, provides a more next-generation material choices to its laboratory partners. 

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