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Learn more about how complex cases can still demand creative treatment planning!

How can complex cases require creative treatment planning?

Jayme Hong, Eric Park, and Seong Kim discuss how a case concerning a mandibular reconstruction provided a different approach to a hybrid acrylic base with metal ceramics. 


Learn more about how this Lab developed its expertise and chose to work with Nobel Biocare!

How did this lab produce the best results?

The owners of Jesse and Frichtel Dental Labs worked hard to eliminate the need for dentists to spend time doing anything other than dentistry. The Lab turned to Nobel Biocare in order to provide the high-quality CAM milled implant bars. 


Create stronger and mutually beneficial relationships with dentists because of these little things.

Practical Implant Techniques That will Impress Your Dentists

Focus on the little things when building relationships. The dental technician's team has practical options to use for impressing the dentist on the next implant case. 


Learn more about complex cases involving implant-support reconstruction!

What issues arise when treating a complex maxillary and mandibular fixed, implant-supported reconstruction?

Michael Moscovitch discusses the use of evidence-based information and newly developed technologies for diagnostics and laboratory procedures. 


Get more information about Zest's Locator R-TX!

Check out the Locator R-TX!

Easy to insert and remove by your patients, the ZEST anchors LOCATOR Overdenture Attachment differentiating feature is the patented pivoting technology. 

3.1mmD Eztetic Dental Implant
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