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Learn more about implant bars and evolving technology!

How can implant bars offer a more precise method of placement?

In this Tech Edge article, Robert Sarno discusses a digital approach to design and the fabrication of implant bars. Technology provides greater precision for the surgical team and dental technologist; it also allows for more options.


Learn more about this conservative alternative to implant therapy!

How can a telescopic prosthesis provide stability and retentiveness?

Arian Deutsch discusses a case involving a telescopic prosthesis and the outcome of the treatment.


Learning from mistakes is great. Learn how to avoid a remake.

Successfully Navigating Troubled Cases

Arian Deutsch, Owner of Deutsch Dental Arts, discusses a case in which an error occurred and the compilation was "rescued" using a simple but effective technique. 


Learn more about complex cases involving implant-support reconstruction!

What issues arise when treating a complex maxillary and mandibular fixed, implant-supported reconstruction?

Michael Moscovitch discusses the use of evidence-based information and newly developed technologies for diagnostics and laboratory procedures. 


Get more information about Zest's Locator R-TX!

Check out the Locator R-TX!

Easy to insert and remove by your patients, the ZEST anchors LOCATOR Overdenture Attachment differentiating feature is the patented pivoting technology. 

3.1mmD Eztetic Dental Implant
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