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Learn more about implant bars and evolving technology!

How can implant bars offer a more precise method of placement?

In this Tech Edge article, Robert Sarno discusses a digital approach to design and the fabrication of implant bars. Technology provides greater precision for the surgical team and dental technologist; it also allows for more options.


Learn more about this conservative alternative to implant therapy!

How can a telescopic prosthesis provide stability and retentiveness?

Arian Deutsch discusses a case involving a telescopic prosthesis and the outcome of the treatment.


Create stronger and mutually beneficial relationships with dentists because of these little things.

Practical Implant Techniques That will Impress Your Dentists

Focus on the little things when building relationships. The dental technician's team has practical options to use for impressing the dentist on the next implant case. 


Learn about alternative solutions to screw-retained implants fabricated with acrylic!

How could we forget cleansability?

Arian Deutsch discusses an important topic: hygiene and prosthetics. He presents a case involving telescopic implant prosthestics, indicating the patient experienced improved esthetics, comfort, and cleansability. 


Get more information about Zest's Locator R-TX!

Check out the Locator R-TX!

Easy to insert and remove by your patients, the ZEST anchors LOCATOR Overdenture Attachment differentiating feature is the patented pivoting technology. 

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