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Learn more about the positive influence of crown contours on soft-tissue esthetics!

This Master Class by Richard Kinsel, Bryan Pope, and Daniele Capoferri explores esthetic crown restorations and the challenges posed by the biologic synergy between the crown fabrication and surrounding soft-tissue profile. 


Using strategies when dentists use chairside mills

Battling the In-Office Crown

Jason Mazda discusses strategies for laboratories when dentists use chairside mills. While the trend in dentists' offices is becoming more prevelant, a need still exists for technicians and their expertise in a wide variety of cases. 


Take a look at these helpful hints by Green Dental Laboratories!

Check out these helpful hints for the perfect restoration

Are you seeking more information about techniques or procedures? Check out these Learning Resources provided by Green Dental Laboratories. The website provides guides on fixed restorations and sleep appliance restoration, as well as videos and articles!


Learn more about the charactertistics of teeth and how they are important!

Why are the fundamentals of teeth still important when thinking about digital technology?

Steven McGowan provides this CE on the characteristics of teeth, discussing the size, shape, composition, and appearance of maxillary anterior teeth from both esthetic and functional perspectives. 


How can the clinician-technician produce great restorative results? Read more about digital workflow.

Case study illustrates digital restorative process through clinician-technician collaboration

Lee Culp, CEO of Sculpture Studio, and Lida Swann, Prothodontist, discuss how CAD/CAM can offer a more efficient restorative process.

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