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Technology and the telescopic denture solution offers the best results!

How can technology and the telescopic denture offer results?

Luke Kahng, CDT, explores how the telescopic denture, using CAD/CAM, can offer patients great results in terms of longevity and serviceability. 


Learn more about the importance of occlusal stability!

What mechanical principles apply to removable prosthetic occlusion?

Burney Croll provides an overview in this 1 credit CE article, highlighting the concept of relative stability and its importance to occlusal stability.


Learn how CAD/CAM and digital workflow helped with the planning and restoration of this patient!

How can CAD/CAM facilitate building a hybrid denture?

This Master Class article illustrates a case of a 68-year-old patient complaining of loose bridgework: a digital workflow was used from planning to implant placement to final restoration. 


Learn more about the principles of digital dentures, including manufacturing!

What don't you know about digital dentures?

Justin Hayes explains the basics of digital dentures, including how the manufacturing process can reduce human error. 


Learn more about how technological developments can help finding the ideal materials!

How can metal-free restorations work for you?

Finding the ideal material for individual circumstances can be difficult, but this eBook seeks to support your understanding with two cases demonstrating the use of advanced CAD/CAM materials. 

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