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Learn key considerations critical to the success of complete denture service

Complete Denture Skills that Remain Relevant in the Digital Age

Burney Croll, New York Prosthodonist, discusses why human capital remains important when producing removable dentures. 


Learn more about Pala Digital Dentures and this streamlined process!

How can you streamline your approach to removable prosthetics?

David Avery and Lou Graham provide this half-credit CE, explaining how Pala Digital Dentures can save time and money with this more efficient process.


Learn how CAD/CAM and digital workflow helped with the planning and restoration of this patient!

How can CAD/CAM facilitate building a hybrid denture?

This Master Class article illustrates a case of a 68-year-old patient complaining of loose bridgework: a digital workflow was used from planning to implant placement to final restoration. 


How are baby boomers aging causing demand in full and partial removable prosthetics?

How are digital denture capabilities changing with baby boomers?

Keith Miolen, Aurora Dental Studio, discusses the multiplying numbers of full and partial removable prosthetics as baby boomers are aging.


How do biomechanic principles apply to removable partial dentures?

What biomechanic design principles are important to removable partial dentures?

Robert Kreyer, Prosthetic Consultant,discusses three basic prosthodontic design concepts of a functional removable partial denture framework.

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