Table of Contents

May 2012
Volume 3, Issue 5

Cover Story

Bouncing Back

Daniel McCann

The Employee Factor

Daniel McCann

Continuing Education

Evolutionary Treatment for Restorative Dentistry

Dennis J. Fasbinder, DDS, ABGD

TechEdge Industry

Indirect Millable Non-Zirconia Ceramics

David Gratton, DDS, MS

Inside Business

Measuring Management

Mark Murphy, DDS

E-Mail Marketing Essentials

Mona Zemsky

Risk Management for Dental Laboratories

Eric Thorne, Esquire

Collaborative Cases (peer-reviewed, CE-accredited)

Layered Light Refraction and Reflection in Esthetics

Douglas J. Frye, CDT

Creating Beautiful Results with Platinum Foil

Luke S. Khang, CDT


Repaired Denture Success through Efficiency and Timeliness

Matthew Hotelling, CDT

Attachment Challenges in Compromised Situations

Dennis Urban, CDT


An Interview with Rita Acquafredda

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