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Darby announces new partnership with Dental Fix Rx.

Darby Dental announces national agreement with Dental Fix RX

Darby Dental Supply announced a recently formed partnership with Dental Fix Rx, to bring dental equipment service and repair to their customers. Click to visit the Dental Fix Rx website and learn more.


Learn more about maximizing your laser technology!

Don't just use the laser for plug-and-play!

Successful lasers practitioners get the most out of their lasers because they learn how to use them more effectively. 


Learn more about curing lights and how they work!

How do you use LED curing lights to ensure optimal polymerization?

Gary Alex provides insight into how light-curing units work, commonly held misconceptions, and suggestions. 


Why is everyone so excited about this caries detection device? Click to learn more.

The Truth About the Tooth

Grant Smith discusses the CariVu caries detection device and why it's a perfect addition to the imaging tools for his practice. 


How can laser surgical treatment aid the dental field?

How can lasers expand minimally invasive treatments?

Michael Koceja explains that laser surgical treatments have show to have fewer postoperative complications with faster healing. 

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