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Learn more about this shading dilemma and its solution!

How can you solve the shade dilemma?

Thomas Dudney presents a case where a discolored central incisor poses this problem. 


Learn more about ongoing changes with zirconia restorations!

What are the considerations for full-contour Zirconia restorations?

Gregg Helvey discusses consistent issues with framework design changes and reformulations of veneering porcelains. 


What is your balance for minimally invasive principles?

When is conservation treatment not the most appropriate?

Allison DiMatteo asserts that to successfully incorporate minimally invasive principles, dentists should balance the unique patient and case requirements with other considerations. 


Learn more about the function and artistry of translucent zirconia!

What are the driving forces behind restorative decision making?

Thie eBook explains how the durability and esthetics of translucent zirconia combine exception flexural strangth with optimal optical properties. 


How do you approach a midline cant?

How would you approach a midline cant?

Courtney Lavigne suggests more conservative approaches should be considered when one or both affected by the cant are otherwise healthy.

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