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Learn more about this shading dilemma and its solution!

How can you solve the shade dilemma?

Thomas Dudney presents a case where a discolored central incisor poses this problem. 


Authors explore the Hall Technique with pediatric caries lesions.

Are there more questions than answers?

The authors address questions concerning the Hall Technique and its use in Pediatric Dentistry to address caries lesions.


What is your balance for minimally invasive principles?

When is conservation treatment not the most appropriate?

Allison DiMatteo asserts that to successfully incorporate minimally invasive principles, dentists should balance the unique patient and case requirements with other considerations. 


Learn more about the best cement to use for porcelain or zirconia crowns.

What is the best cement to use for porcelain or zirconia crowns?

G. Franklin Shull provides a discussion of how to answer this question. 


Learn more about the good and the bad in cements and ceramics!

Can you distinguish the best and worst cements?

Greg Gillespie discusses the differences in cement categories, strengths and weaknesses, and compatibility in this webinar on cements and ceramics. 

Meet the next generation cement!
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