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Learn more about Pala Dentures and their usefulness in this case presentation!

Digital Dentures provide paradigm shift.

David Burt provides a case study of a patient with severly worn dentition and signifcant bite collapse, illustrating the usefulness of digital dentures.


Authors explore the Hall Technique with pediatric caries lesions.

Are there more questions than answers?

The authors address questions concerning the Hall Technique and its use in Pediatric Dentistry to address caries lesions.


Learn more about how clinicians approached constricted envelope of function.

What are the effects of constricted envelope of function?

Fred Peck and Dwight Rickert provide a case study of a 46-year-old male with porcelain veneers. Find out how treatment planning led to a predictable, successful restoration for the patient. 


Find out more about this new class of liner and pulp-capping material!

What material works best for pulp capping?

Asle Klemma provides insight into the clinical features of a new hydrophilic resin combined with MTA technology, which performs as an insulator barrier and protectant. Find out more about this material!


Learn more about ceramic bridges and how they offer great patient experiences!

Are PFM bridges our only option?

Dhaval Patel writes they are not: same-day monolithic lithium disilicate ceramic bridges offer great esthetics and patient experience. 

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