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Learn more about high-quality water in your practice

What's in your water?

Learn more about avoiding treated city water and the unwanted expense of using distilled water. This eBook provides options for high-quality water in your practice.


Check out this toolkit for promoting infection control and safety!

Need more information about providing safe dental visits?

The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) provides this toolkit to promote a committement to infection control and safety. 


VistaPure, a water filtration system by Scican

VistaPure adds Convenience, Consistency, Ease of use

VistaPure is easy to use, convenient, and consistent. It connects directly to the city water supply and sends purified water to where you need it for easy, on-demand use. 


Check out the OSAP website for more information about its infection control boot camp.

OSAP present its Dental Infection Control Boot Camp 2016

The Boot Camp is a core educational course covering all the basics in infection prevention and safety. Deadlines for registration are in December. Check out the website for more information. 


How complaint is your office when it comes to hand hygiene?

How is your hand hygiene protocol?

Marie Fluent, DDS, discusses hygiene compliance in healthcare settings, and the multimodal approach to improving hand hygiene compliance.

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