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Learn more about how your dental team can help address oral cancer!

How can your team tackle oral cancer?

Cynthia Blenderman Perone, DDS, provides three steps for your dental team to crush oral cancer. Click to download this eBook. 


Learn more about maximizing resources while simplifying dental hygiene instrumentation!

What do your hygienists need to know about instrumentation?

This CE eBook covers a lot of ground, from evaluating and simplifying instrumentation to developing a monthly budget that allows for replacement of critical instrumentation. 


Learn more about caries prevention and the delivery of flouride solutions to proximal tooth surfaces!

How do you reach interproximal regions with flouride solutions?

Theodore Croll and Joel Berg provide an overview of different flouride delivery treatments for interproximal regions.


Learn more about mobile technologies and how their use can improve oral care.

Can mobile technologies offer improved oral care compliance?

Mario Rui Araujo discusses blue-tooth connected intelligent brushing and how innovations like this one can help bridge instructions provided in the office to patients' implentation in the home. 


How can we better serve patients?

How can we better serve patients?

Jackie Syrop discusses The Caries Conundrum, how we fail patients, and how we can approach tooth decay and good oral health.

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