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Lear more about Oral Cancer from today's leading experts!

Want to know more about oral cancer and health?

We captured highlights of the discussion from the Global Oral Cancer Forum, where leading experts discussed trends and research. Click through to watch the video from the event.


Learn more about helping patients who struggle with sleep-disordered breathing!

Can you help patients with sleep-disordered breathing?

John Nosti and Jennifer Nosti seek to provide a new approach, especially around sensitive issues about a patient's health concerns.


Learn more about Action for Dental Health through these success stories!

What is Action for Dental Health?

Learn more about the American Dental Association's Iniative through success stories from across the country!


This continuing education article focuses on diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of dental caries.

What can your practice do to disrupt the dental caries process?

Joel Berg, professor and dean of the University of Washington School of Dentistry, discusses the difference between caries detection and caries diagnosis. He also touches upon risk assessment tools and the development of treatments that disrupt the dental caries process. 


How can we better serve patients?

How can we better serve patients?

Jackie Syrop discusses The Caries Conundrum, how we fail patients, and how we can approach tooth decay and good oral health.

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