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Learn more abut biomimetic dentistry and how it helps restore tooth functions!

What is biomimetic dentistry, and how does it work with endodontically treated teeth?

Randall Cohen, DDS, explains that biomimetic dentistry focusses on using restorative materials to replace lost tooth structure, replicating the biologic and mechanical aspects of natural tooth function.


Learn more about how to help patients address fear of root canals!

How can you help patients understand the realities of the modern root canal?

Take a look at two videos created for Root Canal Awareness week. Released by the American Association of Endodontists, these videos seek to educate and alleviate fears around the procedure. 


Learn more about best practices in endodontic diagnosis and treatment!

Need to up your game?

Check out the AAE's Guide to Clinical Endodontics, which features best practices in endodontic diagnosis and treatment. 


Learn more about risk assessment criteria or tooth preservation!

What challenges do practitioners face when restoring an endodontically treated tooth?

Alan Atlas and Samuel Kratchman discuss the complexity of clinical techniques and treatment options available. They also touch upon treatment planning considerations. 


Learn more about how to reach the best results for tissue management in indirect dental procedures!

What is the role of electrosurgery in tissue management for indirect procedures?

Robert Lowe discusses the use of electrosurgery for tissue scuplting and how to reach the best results in tissue management in indirect dental restorative procedures. 

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