Resource Center | CAD/CAM


Learn more about how to read CBCT scans!

What are you missing?

Christos Angelopoulos discusses incidental findings with CBCT imaging volumes and the clinician's duty to share those findings.


Learn how CAD/CAM can simplify the process!

How can CAD/CAM assist with complicated procedures?

Mike Moroni presents a case where replacing a crown could be complicated with conventional techniques. Chairside CAD/CAM greatly simplifies the process. 


Learn more about the workflow that allows for restorations in 90 minutes or less!

What do you know about single-visit chairside restorations?

This eBook breaks down the workflow necessary for these restorations, providing step-by-step insight for your practice. 


Learn more about 3D printing and its place in digital dentistry!

How can 3D printing help you?

Chris Brown discusses the use of 3D printing in dentistry, particularly its uses and advantages to dental offices. 


Learn more about how CBCT is changing oral and maxillofacial surgery!

How can CBCT facilitate oral surgery?

Gary Orentlicher, Andrew Horowitz, and Batya Goldwaser discuss how CBCT has impacted implantology, presenting several examples of how the technology provides excellent data for successful outcomes following oral surgery.

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