UQ System

SafeLink Consulting, Inc

SafeLink™’s UQ System is an easy-to-use cloud-based application that helps dental labs and practices implement and manage quality systems and safety programs online. UQ increases audit efficiency, reduces paper, controls documents, and links policies, procedures, and forms. Regulatory updates are automatic, and no new hardware or software is required. UQ is efficient, automatic, and standardized, and saves time and money for a lab or practice by allowing the user to either upload an existing program, or develop one with help from SafeLink. The program makes appropriate changes to files based on federal and state requirements, thus keeping documentation up-to-date without the user having to research FDA or OSHA regulations. As a cloud-based system, UQ allows the user to avoid hard-copy storage issues and provides an easy audit trail. UQ also tracks non-conformance to improve quality and safety, resulting in better product and service, a safer work environment, and more satisfied customers and patients.

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