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Particularly for posterior restorations, but great for anterior use, too, HyperFIL™ is the best deal around. A 10ml (22g) cartridge can save you as much as 75% off whatever brand of composite you’re currently using. But don’t judge HyperFIL on price alone. This durable, automix, nanofilled composite also saves you time as it reduces the steps necessary to create good-looking restorations.

Expressed directly from the cartridge into the prep, low-viscosity HyperFIL flows slightly to conform to the tooth surface. There’s no need for a flowable liner or incremental layering and curing, so it’s quick and easy. In fact, if you use Brush&Bond as your bonding agent, the entire procedure shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. You’ll find that HyperFIL is great for core build-ups, cementing posts and large posterior restorations. In side-by-side comparisons, HyperFIL restorations exhibited esthetics identical to those done with higher-priced posterior composites.


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