Keystone Industries

Keystone Industries’ NiteBite® is an innovative device that easily and effectively treats grinding, clenching, pain, headaches, and jaw joint syndrome (TMD or TMJ). NiteBite’s special design and thin construction within the freeway space stops people from clenching and grinding their teeth. NiteBite can stop symptoms such as headaches and tooth and jaw pain as well.

This proprietary, patented and FDA-cleared device is the first biteguard that functions within the patient’s “Freeway Space,” the distance between the physiological rest position and the first point of contact of the upper and lower teeth. NiteBite uses the jaw's natural proprioceptive response to trigger the jaw-opening reflex. As the lower teeth approach contact with the NiteBite, the jaw-opening reflex returns the lower jaw to the physiological rest position where no teeth touch each other or the NiteBite. The muscles relax and NiteBite effectively relieves jaw, head and neck pain, and associated symptoms of TMJ disorder.

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