GC Initial™ IQ One Body Layering

GC America Inc

GC America’s GC Initial™ IQ One Body Layering Concept offers a compact concept for the fast and easy reproduction of the standard Vita shades. This approach enables technicians to concentrate on the build-up and create vitality and natural luster with the Initial™ IQ Lustre Pastes NF in the final step. Following the introduction of the Layering-over-Metal system, the GC Initial IQ Layering-over-Zircon system allows technicians to use this proven concept for zirconia based restorations.

Part of the system is the new ready-to-use Zr-Light Reflective Liners, designed to adjust the shade of different colored Zirconia oxides and to allow perfect shade matching with the other ceramics from the initial range. The liners can also be used with Initial Zr-FS, GC America’s standard layering Zr-ceramic. This new system enables technicians to reproduce highly esthetic results in less time with fewer materials.

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