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GC Fuji IX™ GP EXTRA adds to the well established family of glass ionomers that offer unsurpassed wear resistancy, compressive strength, and durability. Working time of Fuji IX GP FAST is 1 1/4 minutes which means final finishing is only 2 1/2 minutes from initial mix. The faster final set saves valuable chair time which provides improved stability against water, an important feature in challenging oral environments. 

This product contains a next generation glass filler, SmartGlass™. The filler elicits higher translucency, fluoride release, reactivity and a faster setting time. The unique optical properties of the new filler have also allowed GC America to create a new, lighter shade; B1 is ideal for children and patients who may have undertaken whitening procedures. 

GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA's new SmartGlass filler takes glass ionomer to a whole new level with fast setting, finishing in only 2 1/2 minutes, and high fluoride release. It allows improved aesthetics and shade matching and maximizes durability for optimum performance.

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