Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

Recent Enhancements to DenMat’s original thin veneers, LUMINEERS, have made the appliances stronger and more esthetic than ever before. A patented new tray designed, LUMITray®, now provides a full view of the veneers and margins during placement, greatly simplifying the procedure and dramatically enhancing the accuracy of placement. Once the veneers are produced, they are fitted in a LUMITray, designed to create a precise, full arch seating arrangement. LUMITray’s patented, state-of-the-art 3-dimensional modeling CAD software technology digitally scans and interprets patients’ veneer measurements. Specialist technicians interactively build the veneers directly on a digital 3-D design, using a special haptic device with micron-accurate precision. As a result, seating is totally predictable and beautiful new smiles are easier to deliver than ever before.

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