DenMat Lab Services

Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

DenMat has provided dentists and their patients with high-quality restorations for more than 30 years. The laboratory was at the cutting edge of thin veneer technology with the introduction of LUMINEERS, and continues to innovate with products like Snap-On Smile®, a line of non-invasive cosmetic, removable arches.

Today’s LUMINEERS, featuring the next generation of Cerinate® porcelain, are both 30% stronger and provide optical density that very closely mimics that of enamel, backed by two decades of evidence-based research. In two visits, patients receive their beautiful, permanently white smiles with the ease and accuracy of LUMITray all-at-once full-arch placement. LUMITray facilitates LUMINEERS’ digital design and fabrication.

Clinicians can digitally preview, change and accept the restorations from their offices before fabrication, while final restorations achieve a superior fit at the gingival margins. Snap-On Smile is completely tooth-borne, fitting precisely over the teeth so patients can eat and speak comfortably without gingival impingement or palatal coverage. It’s indicated for patients seeking an affordable smile makeover or an intermediate solution in the course of a comprehensive esthetic treatment plan.

DenMat Lab is also an excellent choice for traditional crowns and veneers of the highest reliability and esthetics. With exclusive technology and proven materials, DenMat can produce both minimally invasive and traditional-prep restorations. DenMat Lab’s online portal supports custom case tracking and case submission for enhanced efficiency and communication.

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