Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

DenMat’s SOL™ desktop laser redefines performance expectations with enhanced ergonomics, an easy-to-use interface, and a high-contrast blue aiming beam combine to make laser dentistry simpler and more efficient than ever. It’s also incredibly affordable. SOL is engineered to make laser therapy truly convenient and simple. Its internal battery and light weight allows the clinician to move between operatories for over three hours without ever plugging in a cord, and the fiber spool cord management system ensures that unwanted lengths never interfere with clinical procedures. Three simple and easy-to-use settings simplify treatment protocols, with an additional custom setting for specific demands. SOL is also designed to make life easier for clinicians. The industry’s first blue aiming beam contrasts with tissue to enhance visibility and accuracy. The curved, ergonomic contours of the handpiece provide better posterior access in multiple positions, reducing hand fatigue during longer procedures. Disposable tips eliminate the inconvenience and inconsistency of strip-and-cleave systems.

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