Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

Den-Mat's Precision is a premium VPS impression material with amazing detail reproduction making it one of the leading choices among discerning clinicians. Precision’s revolutionary formula displaces moisture better than other VPS materials, creating detailed margins in even the most challenging situations. Precision minimizes intraoral risk time. Its thermally activated speed set is triggered by the temperature of the mouth, and begins the second the impression is seated. After this initial quick set, the chances of distortion during final setting are virtually eliminated. Clinicians control the working time. Precision offers a flexible working time of 45 seconds up to 1:45 minutes extra-orally and up to 1 minute when extruded directly in the mouth. Precision’s flexible working time offers a completely set impression within 2:45 - 3:45 minutes. Precision outperformed a dozen other brands in moisture displacement. In a clinical test performed at the University of Texas, San Antonio by Barry K. Norling, PhD, 13 impression materials were tested in which Precision delivered the most superior results in moisture displacement. Precision is available in five different viscosities with vibrant colors. With unique viscosities to suit every clinicians preferred technique, and high-contrast colors for margin identification, Precision is the preferred choice for preparation replication.

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