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Building upon iTero’s proven digital scanning capabilities; the newly redesigned iTero® imaging system maintains its innovative powderless technology and features a modern design with enhanced wand optics for a smaller, more ergonomic fit, easy-to-use keyboard design and a larger working surface. The new iTero delivers substantially reduced capture time through improved optics and enhanced algorithms while maintaining a high standard of digital imaging accuracy, the efficiency of open source imaging and streamlined workflow. iTero’s digitized workflow affords customers complete flexibility. Whether it’s a crown or bridge restoration, full or partial orthodontics (including Invisalign), an inlay/onlay, veneers or a validated implant solution1, doctors can select the option that best fits the needs of each individual case. 1 Align business partners (e.g. BIOMET 3i, Straumann, etc) have validated their implant solution using iTero More accurate imaging also helps improve treatment efficacy because aligners fit better. A study comparing fit issues between appliances created from PVS impressions versus scanned impressions found seven times fewer fit issues occurred when using scanned impressions. Better fitting aligners help improve treatment efficacy. iTero files can be integrated with third-party CAD/CAM systems, CT scan files, and digital orthodontic services, so it can be used for restorations, custom abutments, or Straumann repositionable implant analogs. Exclusive interoperability with Invisalign and ClinCheck means that scans are typically posted in two days, compared to seven or more days for cases using PVS impressions. The iTero scanner also improves clinical workflow. Easy to use, a restorative scanning sequence requires just three to five minutes without having to prepare impression trays and cleanup. iTero is more comfortable for patients because it eliminates the need for powder and messy impressions. By combining virtual modeling technology with advanced digital optics, powderless scanning, and high interoperability with third-party CAD/CAM and treatment planning systems, the iTero intraoral scanner delivers digital dental transformation.

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