Bien-Air USA, Inc.

Bien Air’s iChiropro implantology motor comes with pre-programmed operating sequences from the largest implant manufacturers, as well as integrated patient files on the iPad control interface. Its operation data is stored in the form of graphics and tables, which are attached to patient files. Users of the iChiropro can also save and export operation perimeters, including patient data.

iChiropro has a MX-i LED micromotor with maintenance-free ceramic ball bearings, which are lubricated for life, as well as a CA 20:1 L Micro-Series internal irrigation contra-angle handpiece. The iChiropro also features an iPad app. Simple to use, the intuitive application ensures significant time savings during operations. Available from the Apple App Store, the iChiropro application opens up numerous avenues in terms of customization options. In future, new innovative functions will be introduced to guarantee users a simple and ergonomic experience.

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