3M True Definition Scanner


3M ESPE’s 3M™ True Definition Scanner delivers powerful 3-D video-based scanning technology and provides scanning precision, accuracy, and repeatability for taking digital impressions. The technology is contained in a small, ergonomic, lightweight wand the size of a dental handpiece. The system also offers users the 3M™ Connection Center, which is built on a cloud-based architecture that provides both trusted and integrated connections to third-party systems, and the flexibility of open STL file access.

A connection between the 3M True Definition Scanner and the Straumann® CARES® System allows dentists to restore Straumann implants with original CARES® prosthetic solutions from a single intra-oral scan. a dentist with the 3M True Definition Scanner simply captures a digital impression with the Straumann® CARES® Mono Scanbody. Within the scanner’s prescription screen, the dentist then selects the Straumann implant platform and the desired tooth-borne restoration or abutment. The digital impression and prescription are then sent to a dental lab using the Straumann® CARES® system.


Newly redesigned  3M™ True Definition Scanner to be released in Fall 2014. With the smallest wand on the market, it is designed to be incredibly intuitive, comfortable to hold and fast and easy to use.

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