Board Member’s Choice - Pharmacological Reversal Agents in Dental Practice with Mark Donaldson, BSP, AC PR, PharmD; and Jason H. Goodchild, DMD

Recommended by Compendium Oral Medicine Section Editor, Thomas Sollecito, DMD


Dental practitioners should be prepared for medical emergencies that might occur as the result of adverse drug reactions. In recognition of this, Dr. Jason Goodchild and Dr. Mark Donaldson have compiled information to further educate practitioners familiar with pharmacologic antagonists. Specifically, their article focuses on six main pharmacologic reversal agents as they relate to dentistry, while this video goes one step further, offering insight on how to prevent medical emergencies. Understanding the risks that can occur in a dental office, while instituting preventative measures, and understanding how to manage medical emergencies, are important considerations in providing responsible patient care.

- Thomas Sollecito, DMD


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