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Delivering Excellent Products with a Personal Touch from Zirkonzahn

Zirkonzahn’s milling machines allow laboratories to combine artistry and technology for masterful dental work

Andrew Rusinowski, MDT and owner of Smiledent Dental Studio, located in Mount Kisco, New York, was passionate about computer technology and the role it is playing in shaping our personal and professional lives. “When the first computer-aided technology was introduced to the dental laboratory profession in the early 2000s, I was thrilled because I could envision the precision and accuracy this could bring to our industry,” he says. Rusinowski didn't want to turn to outsourcing though, he wanted complete control over the products delivered to his clients from start to finish. What he needed was a machine and a system that had the flexibility of open architecture and was capable of milling a variety of materials and applications, including large, complex implant bridges. “We are a small laboratory and to make this large capital investment, I needed a system that could provide more universal applications and one that was open architecture which is essential for sharing files among different mills if I needed to outsource a product. For smaller laboratories like mine, closed systems just don’t make economic sense because they lock us into limited products, materials, and applications.” When Zirkonzahn introduced the open-architecture M5 5-axis CAD/CAM system to the market, Rusinowski was struck by its robust versatility and immediately made it his technology of choice.

CAD/CAM System 5-TEC

The CAD/CAM System 5-TEC by Zirkonzahn was designed to satisfy all of the dental technician’s needs. The 5+1-axis simultaneous milling unit comes with a wide range of applications, from simple copings to complete dentures. It delivers high precision and quality, is suitable for various materials, and is modularly constructed, making the milling unit completely upgradable to meet any of the technician’s needs (e.g. wet processing). The CAD/CAM System 5-TEC’s upgradability also ensures maximum safety for the future. The complete system is ideal for laboratories looking for state-of-the-art devices at an unmatched value.

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