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High-Production Success with Jensen Dental

Using Jensen milling technology to create high-quality restorations

Steve Daggett, CDT and manager of D&S Laboratories, remembers the strategic business decision made 10 years ago like it was yesterday to innovate and grow. “We were one of the early pioneers with the 3M Lava™ brand,” explains Daggett, who has been with the company for 30 years. “We went that direction because we could get a high quality restoration, we could increase our production output with fewer staff, and we would be partners with a well-known company that had a reputation as an advertising machine to push forward a high-quality material brand and thus help us convert existing clients and bring us a wave of new clients.” Today, the laboratory’s industrial, 5-axis Jensen Preciso M500 high-capacity milling machine is fed by four scanning stations and six design centers, all operated by knowledgeable dental technicians, a point Daggett stresses is a differentiator from many of the laboratory’s competitors and a selling and marketing advantage the company doesn’t hesitate to direct to clients. he mill operates 24/7 and can produce up to 210 units non-stop in a 76-hour straight running time. “We mill only 3M and Jensen materials in our mills from Lava Plus and Jensen HT high translucency materials for substructures and full-contour restorations to Jensen wax materials for casting and pressing and Lava Ultimate millable ceramic,” says Daggett. “When we began milling and 3D printing our wax copings for casting metal-based restorations, we immediately realized a cost reduction in our metal alloy costs. The ability to produce more crowns from a single ounce of alloy allowed us to be more competitive in the market.”

Preciso M200 and M500 Mills

The Preciso M200 and M500 Mills are validated as part of the Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution to work with innovative materials from 3M ESPE such as Lava™ Plus High Translucency Zirconia and Lava™ Ultimate Restorative, as well as Jensen Digital Consumables.

The Preciso M200 is a compact, 4-axis mill that includes a 60,000rpm high frequency Jager Spindle and a 6-tool automatic tool changer that reduces milling times while maintaining remarkable precision. The Preciso M500 is a 5-axis industrial mill specifically designed for dental labs and has the capacity to hold 21 frames with as many as 10 units per frame, and 31 tools. Materials and tools can be changed to fit a variety of indications while continuously producing restorations for up to 76 straight hours with incredible accuracy.

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